T34 heavy tank Specs

6 man crew
Combat Weight: 71.8 tons
Speed: 22 MPH
Upper Front: 174mm
Lower Front: 132mm
Front Sides: 76mm
Rear Sides: 51mm
Upper Rear: 52mm
Lower Rear: 40mm effective
Top: 38mm
Front Floor: 25mm
Rear Floor: 13mm effective

TURRETGun Shield: 203 to 279mm effectiveFront: 184mm effectiveSides: 127mm effectiveRear: 203mm effectiveTop: 38mm effective120mm Gun T53Loading: Manual (5 RPM with 2 loaders)Stablizer: None1 x .50 Caliber M2 HB Flexible AA on commanders hatch1 x .50 Caliber M2 HB Coaxial1 x .30 Caliber M1919A4 Bow MountVision:T143E2 TelescopeM10E10 PeriscopeAmmo Load:34 Rounds 120mm2090 rounds .50 Caliber2500 rounds .30 caliber----------------------120mm Gun T53 Specs:60 Calibers5 RPM, two loaders