M119A1 air-transportable 105mm Light Gun

The 105mm Light Gun is an air-transportable 105mm caliber towed howitzer intended for rapid reaction forces such as paratroopers. It entered service in the British Army in 1975 and since then has been sold to more than 17 international customers. It saw combat in 1982 during the Falklands conflict. Besides, it was deployed providing fire support during conflicts in Iraq, Balkans and Africa. Firing at the Line-of-Sight has a maximum range of 800 meters and Beyond the Line-Of-Sight up to 17,200 meters.The British Army is upgrading its existing high mobility 105mm Light Guns to keep the weapon system in active service until 2025. The Capability Enhancement Program focuses on weight reduction, enhancements to its laser positioning system (LINAPS) for improved accuracy, and inclusion of a new family of improved ammunition. Australian Army has deployed this weapon under Hamel designation. The United States Armed Forces also procured 105mm Light Gun as the M119. Guns: Main Gun Caliber 105 mm Dimensions: Height 2.1 m, Length 8.8 m, Width 1.8 m Weights: Max Weight 1,900 kg (4,189 lb) Performance: Main Gun Max Range 17,200 m (56,430 ft) Other: Max Rate of Fire 6 rounds per minute