AH-64 Longbow Apache attack copter Singapore Air Force (RSAF)

AH-64 Apache attack copter, one mean machine. But a mean machine on its own would not realise its optimal potential. One of RSAF more recent acquisition, the AH-64, among other significant new hardwares like the F-16CD Fighting Falcon, Leopard tanks, Stealth Frigates, etc, form the military next phase of advancement - the 3rd Generation (3G), where land, air & sea are all integrated seemlessly into a formidable operationally-ready lethal fighting force. What the land troops see on land via UAVs can be seen in real time by the attack aircrafts or copters for strategic firepower support, vice versa, so on and so forth. This year marks the Air Force's 40th Anniversary. The air force are expecting the delivery of F-15SG Eagle, to be delivered by April 2009. Training & induction are all conducted at Arizona, so that when they arrived in Singapore sometime in 2011, a new squadron will enable the air power to leapfrog into an even higher echelon of air superiority. Can't wait for the F-35 in the future